21.7.2014: Fotos by Mr. Klabouch: album1, album2, album3, album4, album5

17.7.2014: Labyrint Results

13.7.2014: Results E3, splittimes E3, final results

12.7.2014: Startlist E3

12.7.2014: Results E1, splittimes E1, results E2, splittimes E2, together after 2 stages

8.7.2014: We added COURSES

8.7.2014: Updated start list by CLUBS and by CATEGORIES

7.7.2014: We added INSTRUCTIONS / BULLETIN

4.7.2014: Due to the small number of competitors in some categories were merged following categories:

M-20A to M21-B
M35-B to M35-A
M40-B to M40-A
W-20A to W21-B
W35-B to W35-A

Thank you for your understanding.

3.7.2014: We have 370 competitors from 12 countries on startlist. It will be PURE NATURALY EXPERIENCE :)

30.6.2014: WARNING!!! Today is last entry day.

13.06.2014 Currently there are more than 300 competitor from 10 coutries and 44th clubs.We look forward to you all.Its gonna be purely natural experience.


We have just last few days to entry for lower price BBO/GPS 2014. Here you got some reasons to enjoy this competition:

1) 3 different terrains, 2 new maps, 1 terrain never used before
2) many accompanying actions /orienteering labyrint, evening enertainment, culture program/
3) attractions around competition centre /caves, castles, swimingpools, aquaparks/

Come and never forget :)

12.05.2014: WARNING!!! 1st etap we change to very nice terrain in Malachov village. Map sample you can find HERE.

29.04.2014: During BBO cup competition you can try map labyrint in competition centre /camping                           VelkyDvor/.

25.04.2014: mapping new maps for BBO Cup is in full swing, the author Bob Haj this year.

05.04.2014: You can find new terrain photos in GALLERY.

15.03.2014: We have new partners competition in Hungary. More information  HERE.

26.02.2014: BBO cup is again part of Marathon Tour Banska Byystrica. More information HERE.

14.11.2013: Information about competition were add to web WORLD OF O

18.9.2013: BB O-Cup 2014 will take place on 11.-13.7.2014 as 38th Grand Prix Slovakia in orienteering.